Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retro Cars magazine feature

Today the new Retro Cars mag arrived, also a Brit magazine. Looks even better than in Evo - in our opinion.

Evo magazine feature

The first magazine feature of the Scorcher in the british Evo mag. Well done Jonny and Stu!

Package leaflet

We found this nice little letter saturday morning at the Volksworld Show in the Sand Scorcher:

We would love to know the author!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smile of a winner

We found this picture at the DAS VW Club blog - thanks guys! Walter and his son Max receiving the awards - one "Top 20" and the "European Bug-In pick". Happy faces!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Volksworld Show 2010

Finally the Sand Scorcher arrived in Esher at the Volksworld Show. Peter Köhmann from Custom & Speed Parts bought us a nice spot next to his stand - a little sandpit. Every other spot would have been possible without the R/C - but we wanted that with the car of course!

The cans were commissoned by the Volksworld team and made by Stéphane Dendievel from iCans. It is the smallest amount of cans made so far, so it will be more thought after than any other of the EBI cans.

Everybody seems to be crazy about the Scorcher. Nearly everybody wants to have a picture with the Scorcher, with the kid and the Scorcher, with the wife and the Scorcher... Meanwhile Silvia is selling Sand Scorcher-Shirts and hands out stickers as a giveaway.

After the show is over Mike Pye from Volksworld magazine has to remove the traces on the Padla Traks. Talk about tire porn...

The conclusion? Everybody seemed to love the Scorcher, not just the visitors. The judges voted the Scorcher into the Top 20 and the European Bug-In Organizers Choice was also ours! Thank you all for the awards!

And thanks again to the sponsors Custom & Speed Parts, Dieter Schmidt-Lorenz, Wolfsburg West, Repro Net, Berner, Blaschewski,, Edelstahlfritze and Enslein & Schönberger,
without them it wouldn't have been possible to realize that project.

The curtain drops

Just before everything was loaded and the trailer closed, I took some pics of the new details we fabricated for the Volksworld Show.

The panels in all their glory! We had to ditch the Empi panels as they were neither fitting exactely nor did they fulfill our expectations quality-wise.

Little handmade frames under the door openers to compensate the height difference.

A picture of the rear fenders in their final version. The tail lights sit straight and there is more space between wing and wheel next to the running board.