Thursday, November 25, 2010

The most important feature!

It is always an honor for us when somebody somewhere talks or writes about our work, but for me personally a feature in the english VOLKSWORLD magazine is the kicker!
Using Stefan Bau´s unbelievable good pictures, Cathal O´Tool put together a brilliant feature! Thank you Volksworld!

Let´s go!

Haven´t finished my thought we already had a car! Our friend Tom of Wheelerdealer fame found a body!

After a long hunt looking at numerous overpriced cars we got a base car. This 68 sunroof beetle is from the Frankfurt area was the only sunroof / steel dash car for a reasonable price.

Tobias is cutting the florr pan halves out of another 68 but IRS floor pan. After blasting the pan they will be substituted by a pair of high quality Wolfsbürg West repro floors.


Soon after shipping the car to Japan the best was yet to come. There were many more or less serious inquiries for a SCORCHER from Wolfsburg to Qatar. I always said that I would do a maximum number of 3 complete cars and an extra body if there was request. Building a Baja to our quality standards is often underestimated and that is why it is not suprising that the euphoria of the most people inqiring came to a sudden stop when there had been a conversation about the costs of the built!

One day after business hours the phone rang without stop. I finally picked it up and on the other side somebody introcuced himself as: "I´m the biggest RC model car collector in the world!". During the following conversation it became clear, that my counterpart was serious!
He said: "I want to open a RC model car museum and need an eye catcher for the entrance hall! What do you prefer to build? A second Scorcher or a Wild Willy?"

BOTH!!! I already have the Willy and I´m sure to find a base car for a Scorcher in the near future!

Sometimes there must be somebody up there watching us with a big smile on his face...!

Rock´n Roll!


We were honored the most when Mr. S. Tamiya himself asked if the Sand Scorcher could come to JAPAN to be on display in the entrance hall of the TAMIYA headquaters in Shizuoka! Right after the "First of May Show" in Hannover the car went on it´s long trip to the land of the rising sun. Soon after landing in Japan we got news from Mr. Mochizuki that the Scorcher got there safely and in one piece and got on display right after the wheels were mounted back on the car! I still hope to make it down there one day to visit TAMIYA and the Scorcher! I don´t think there is a better place on earth to present "our" Scorcher to the public!

A few weeks later Mr. Mochizuki sent us a self-built model of the Scorcher in exchange! MANY THANKS! We are overwhelmed!


Whenever Stefan Bau shows up at THE BUG BOX some spectacular pictures are in the pipe line!
Even the darkest day turns into a sunny day! Stefan´s pictures can be appreciated in the VOLKSWORLD issue!

Many thanks to the people responsible for the tourist attraction Monte Kaolino in Hirschau for the one off location!